MamaBear is a mobile, all-in one parenting app that creates a private family communication hub. MamaBear works by installing the app on the parent’s and child’s phones and linking the account via mobile numbers.

Using MamaBear, a parent can follow and protect their child’s online presence by monitoring their social networking/media accounts, including, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just like Grom, MamaBear does not seek to restrict a child’s access to social media but it educates and give parents and children the tools to improve safety and digital access they desire, while protecting children’s safety and online reputation, and connects the entire family for easy communication right on a mobile device.

MamaBear also has location tracking and driver monitoring solutions so you can see where your child is online throughout the day and monitor their daily driving habits.

Additionally, other features MamaBear has to offer are a check-in feature where your child can alert you from the app if there is an emergency or just checking in. The application also allows for creation of restricted word lists, where a parent can create a list of restricted words that they deem are inappropriate which will notify them when those words are used. A parent can also set up Safe Places where the parent can enter the physical addresses of safe places into the app that when the child arrives or leaves the parent will be notified.

Learn more about MamaBear by visiting the offical website or app stores.