The Grom Digital Citizenship Program (DCL) is free for all NetSpective WebFilter Customers. The proprietary DCL program is a series of 6 short videos presented by Zach Marks, founder of Grom Social, that teaches students/minors how to be responsible and safe online. The DCL covers additional CIPA requirements providing for educating minors about appropriate online behavior. The topics include: what is digital citizenship, why do we need to be good digital citizens, how can we be good digital citizens, Cyber Bullying is no joke, what do you do if you are being bullied, and ”THINK”ing before you post. Together with the Netspective WebFilter we truly bridge the gap between education and protection.

Now you can introduce Digital Citizenship to your students with a fun learning course and be assured that they know how to be safe and responsible online.

  • Satisfies CIPA Education Requirement
  • FREE for active/existing Customers
  • Informative and Approachable
  • “By Kids for Kids” Messaging
  • Quick, Easy and Fun
  • Entertaining Videos with Q/A
  • Age Appropriate Learning
  • Cyberbullying Awareness
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage
  • Stays Relevant with Trending