About Grom Educational Services Inc.

Grom Educational Services Inc. (“GES”) is a subsidiary of our parent company, Grom Social Enterprises Inc., a leading children's safe, social media content driven destination for kids between the ages of 5 and 16. Grom Social’s devotion to social responsibility, good digital citizenship, positive social interaction and keeping “Groms” safe online make these ideals our number one priority!

Grom Educational Services’ goal is to enhance safety, good digital citizenship, education, and social responsibility by giving schools and parents the ability to monitor and filter their students’/children’s access to the technology of today while educating youth simultaneously.

Our products include: NetSpective Content Filter, NetAuditor Event Manager, Digital Citizenship License Program, our MamaBear App, and GromSkate app/game.


Net Spective WebFilter

While continuing to be a leader in providing scalable network monitoring and security solutions, NetSpective WebFilter has provided web filtering services to schools, libraries, government, business and consumers of all types since 2001. We are proud to deliver an easy to use, fully automated and highly reliable solution that has one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry and is compliant with CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) guidelines.

CIPA requires schools and libraries with internet access to certify that they have internet safety policies and technology protection measures including software filtering technology, for both on and off network; NetSpective is a solution that satisfies this CIPA requirement. Additionally, CIPA requires libraries and schools K-12 to provide education to their students on how to be good digital citizens. Netspective WebFilter is the only solution in the web filtering space that can help schools meet both requirements of CIPA.

Grom Digital Citizenship License

The Grom Digital Citizenship Program (DCL) is free for all NetSpective WebFilter Customers. The proprietary DCL program is a series of 6 short videos presented by Zach Marks, founder of Grom Social, that teaches students/minors how to be responsible and safe online. The DCL covers additional CIPA requirements providing for educating minors about appropriate online behavior. The topics include: what is digital citizenship, why do we need to be good digital citizens, how can we be good digital citizens, Cyber Bullying is no joke, what do you do if you are being bullied, and ”THINK”ing before you post. Together with the Netspective WebFilter we truly bridge the gap between education and protection by being the only web filter company to satisfy all of CIPA’s requirements in order to receive discounts offered by the E-rate program.


Protecting and parenting your kids just got easier with the MamaBear, an all in one worry-free app. Families can communicate, locate, organize and protect their children with rewarding peace of mind. MamaBear works by installing the app on the parent’s and child’s phones and linking the account via mobile numbers. Using MamaBear, a parent can monitor their child’s social networking/media accounts including, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, without restricting their access to social media.

MamaBear also has location tracking and driver monitoring solutions, so you can see where your child is, be alerted when they arrive or leave a safe place, and receive alerts when they exceed a set speed limit.

Additionally, MamaBear app provides families with a private place to check in and communicate with each other throughout the day.

If you are a NetSpective client you can share our MamaBear app with your educators and parents and we will give your school a promo code for 30 days of premium services for free!

Grom Skate

GromSkate is a fast paced skateboarding adventure through the planets of the Gromarama5 Solar System! Race through courses, dodging obstacles, traffic, and other skaters while you collect coins and do tricks. Additionally, GromSkate covers 4th to 8th grade Common Core Math Standards. Players solve puzzle challenges related to angles and triangles in the Skate Lab to create and receive a new ramp. These ramps let you do awesome tricks and multiply your coins you collect.