Grom Social Enterprises’ Subsidiary Grom Educational Services Enhances Its Digital Citizenship License Program as Part of Strengthening Security Features of Its NetSpective Web Filter

The Program’s Abuse Detection feature can assist in identifying potentially harmful online student activity by flagging the “Self-Harm, Suicide” and...

Global Newswire - January 28, 2021

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NetSpective WebFilter - A Solution for your Schools to Work Remotely

Dear Valued Customer,

Currently, there is an unprecedented increase in remote work required due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19. We understand many of you are planning responses to the situation and rest assured we will be with you each step of the way!

While we continue to track the situation nationwide, we have found that, now more than ever, the ability to have students work remotely is imperative. We at Grom Educational Services are equipped and prepared to monitor your devices both on site and remotely. If you are faced with implementing new remote working practices, we are here to help with supporting these changes, offering assistance, guidelines, and best practices for setting up our suite of remote filtering software.

  • Remote Agent for Windows v1.5.80

    We recently improved our compatibility with the latest Windows operating systems by adding protocol signatures that have been updated to ensure compatibility with newer Chrome web browsers.

  • Remote Agent for macOS v2.4.11

    We recently notarized per Apple’s requirements for macOS Catalina deployment, and made changes to improve compatibility with Chrome web browsers. We can also provide assistance with deploying this through MDM solutions where the macOS Kernel Extension (KEXT) may need approval.

  • Extension for Chromebooks

    Communication to and from NetSpective has received protocol enhancements since our last release and we recommend updating to 5.6.29 to take advantage of this new method. We have also made changes to the extension itself to further prevent users from circumventing it’s filtering.

The NetSpective WebFilter Extension for Chrome was designed to filter Chromebooks both on or off campus. This suits the most common Chromebook deployments which are one-to-one initiatives, and on campus deployments where multiple users may use a single Chromebook.

Our Extension for Chrome filters browser traffic without the use of a proxy server. The Extension runs inside the web browser and will enforce policy on the traffic before SSL encryption. It will also cache ratings it has previously seen to speed up responsiveness and reduce traffic back to NetSpective.

Deploying the Extension

Deployment is fast and easy through G Suite, only requiring you to define a host name for NetSpective internal and external to your network. Directory integration can be synced to G Suite itself or joined with Active Directory. This is where we match users with their email address in AD.

We know change is not easy but, we are here to assist you! These tools are available to all of our current and new customers to use to filter and monitor school issued devices on campus and remotely. If you need assistance, please contact us at

As always, we appreciate your loyalty and support.

Check out the video below for a comprehensive explanation on how this works:


Grom Digital Citizenship Program