Suspicious Activity Monitoring

In our continued effort to bridge the gap between education and protection, Grom Educational Services is now offering Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM). NetSpective WebFilter is the only solution using Child Protection System (CPS) Data of the Child Rescue Coalition to help your schools identify and protect your students from potentially harmful situations. Millions of IP addresses have been identified in possession on child abuse imagery. The CPS collects and indexes 30-50 million criminal lead records every day as well as houses 18.5 billion aggregated, indexed and analyzed records, all while actively monitoring 9 peer-to-peer networks. Use of this data has resulted in over 10,960 arrests worldwide and the rescue of 2,520 Children.

What is the Technology?

The Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) provides the most advanced, comprehensive criminal lead database system in the world. It is used by 10,000 law enforcement officials in 90+ countries.

The CRC’s CPS Technology utilizes a repository of IP address data on individuals trading child abuse imagery on peer-to-peer networks.

30-50 million criminal lead records are collected and indexed every day. Additionally, CPS Technology monitors 75% of known peer-to-peer networks and houses 18.5 billion aggregated and analyzed records.

This data has lead to over 11,000 arrests worldwide and 2,500 rescued children.

How it works on the NetSpective Appliance

Data pulled by the CRC is used with the NetSpective appliance to identify potential risky users.

The same data used by law enforcement around the globe is being used by Grom Educational Services to improve the safety for our users.